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Personal Growth

Never stop feeding your soul and asking the hard questions. Get personal growth tips to help you keep growing.

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Bob Lonac in garden

The Importance of Humility

Leadership isn't about your title. Leadership is about character. And, humility is the overarching quality that makes for great leaders.

advent candles glowing

Embracing the Advent Calendar

Get ideas that will help you daily and weekly embrace the four themes of advent.

Bob and Kathleen with grandaughter

4 Ways the Bible Helps Us Raise Children

Raising kids is hard (even as a grandparent). We’re blessed that the Bible can help.

a person intently searching in the grass with a safari hat and red binoculars

Passion & How to (Re)Find It

The word itself comes from the Latin root “passio,” or suffering. Passion applies to an emotion that is deeply stirring or ungovernable. It is hard to think of suffering without inferring some intense and long-lasting pain.

I find this etymology interesting. Many people today use “passion” in the positive sense of following your deepest interests or going where your talents and gifts lead you. Do what you love!

dog and boy in toy racing car

The Secrets of Finishing Well

What the Bible tells us about how to put down roots and live a fulfilled life.

little girl looking through a magnifying glass

Does Curiosity Kill the Cat?

While being bold and inquisitive can be scary, it can also open new doors you could never anticipate.

sunrise in a sunflower field

Let's Talk About Humility

God gives us some great wisdom about how to have a modest opinion of our own importance.

happy middle age couple

Unconditional Love

What it is and how God wants us to practice it.

Bob and Kathleen reading

Read Slow. Let Your Heart Learn.

One of the beautiful things about retirement has been prioritizing time with God's word and my wife.

Cheeky giraffe

The Power of the Tongue

What we say and how we say it can have unimaginable consequences — both good and bad.

barn owl tilting his head

How to Find Wisdom

Commit to developing wisdom by taking the 30-Day Proverbs Wisdom Challenge.

business man on a kids bike

How to Spot a Fool

Keep an eye out for fools; they can keep you from living the life you’re meant to live.