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Personal Growth

Never stop feeding your soul and asking the hard questions. Get personal growth tips to help you keep growing.

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Bob Lonac in garden

The Importance of Humility

Leadership isn't about your title. Leadership is about character. And, humility is the overarching quality that makes for great leaders.

dog sniffing

Follow Your Nose

Like a dog follows the scent, follow God’s lead daily and you will flourish, just as Eugene Peterson flourished.

family walking at sunset during fall

How to Avoid Burnout

This season of life is filled with dramatic and very real challenges — in our local communities and throughout the world. Making these simple and intentional shifts to my daily life has been incredibly helpful.

for in the road

Take the High Road

Discover how to set yourself up for success with two simple tips that can help you remain true to yourself — even when bad things happen.

greeting guests

Hospitality Serves the Giver & Receiver

Hospitality helps us strengthen relationships and form new bonds, even with those of differing beliefs.

Podcast Guest Appearances from Bob Lonac

Podcast Guest Appearances

Discover some of my favorite podcasts where I’ve recently been honored as a guest speaker.

man walking on a dock at sunrise

Stop, Look, Listen, GO!

Waiting isn't common in our time of instant gratification, but it's so worth it. Stopping, looking, listening, and then going gives us the ability to discern what God really intends for us.

Man standing at the edge of a dock looking out

Feedback About Thinking Before You Speak

How the wisdom and insight of others is the ‘Breakfast of Champions.’

lifting a heavy barbell.

Jesus Said to Carry Your Cross. Every Day.

This topic is challenging, but Jesus said to do it (Don't worry, I'm still figuring it out, too).

Bob Lonac in a blue, grey, and red flannel shirt.

Think for Yourself

This simple quote by Steinbeck is a powerful reminder of how God made us and how following Him is the way.

birds at runrise

Finding Enlightenment

Want to see and grow spiritually? Learn to look at the world through God’s eyes and discover His light.

Learning to ride a bike

The Power of Encouragement

We all need encouragement to achieve the full potential God gave us. And, we all have the power to encourage others!