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Personal Growth

Never stop feeding your soul and asking the hard questions. Get personal growth tips to help you keep growing.

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Bob Lonac in garden

The Importance of Humility

Leadership isn't about your title. Leadership is about character. And, humility is the overarching quality that makes for great leaders.

happy middle age couple

Unconditional Love

What it is and how God wants us to practice it.

Bob and Kathleen reading

Read Slow. Let Your Heart Learn.

One of the beautiful things about retirement has been prioritizing time with God's word and my wife.

Cheeky giraffe

The Power of the Tongue

What we say and how we say it can have unimaginable consequences — both good and bad.

barn owl tilting his head

How to Find Wisdom

Commit to developing wisdom by taking the 30-Day Proverbs Wisdom Challenge.

business man on a kids bike

How to Spot a Fool

Keep an eye out for fools; they can keep you from living the life you’re meant to live.

friends on an adventure at sunset

Power and Wisdom

God gives us the power to live a life full of wisdom.

Talking Stick

Use the Talking Stick

The practice of listening is so important it was used 412 times in the Bible, let alone all the other synonyms used to describe it.

woman walking through a fiedl in the morning.

Desperation or Destiny

When we stop living a life of desperation, we begin to glorify God — and we can joyfully use the talents He gave us for His purpose.

Blue sky and yellow field

Thinking About the Current Events

Most of the time, I plan these posts in advance. But today, I encourage you to join me in some homework I've added off the cuff about the current events.

engaged students

Get Engaged to Grow

If you want to learn anything and grow personally, you have to engage with what you are doing. Education has never been about getting through a class. 

man and dog at sunset

HOW to Make Changes

Most people have good intentions. Most people want to grow and develop their passions. Most people struggle to do so.