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Get Training To Help Your Organization Prosper

The best leaders never stop learning. They develop their skills through deliberate focus and guidance.

This performance evaluation process and virtual training session will help your leadership understand, project, and accomplish your organization's long-term goals.

Don't Wither. Be the Difference.

50% of nonprofits fail (or worse just stall) because they lack planning — and the ability measure if what they're doing is working. 1

Don't be that 50%.

My professional evaluation tool gives you and your board the means to genuinely assess your organizations strategic plan. It promotes constructive feedback that helps everyone be united in purpose.

This Evaluation is Vital

Bob Lonac is a truth-teller on purpose and his purpose is to help you get from where you are to where God would have you go. Bob is a great listener and somehow hears things you don’t say! If you are looking for wisdom, counsel and experience, call Bob and he will help you see places that you could not reach on your own.

Phyllis Hendry Halverson Phyllis Hendry Halverson, President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus

Get Executive Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

I often had to learn the hard way that effective leadership takes practice and support. That’s why I’m committed to sharing my experience and knowledge to help you grow.

Trusted by Both Established & Budding Non-profits:

Vision House
The Anchor Gathering
Antioch Adoptions
Peace Community Center

CEO Evaluation & Board Training

Improve your mission's performance and the relationship between your board and CEO.

This performance evaluation process and virtual training session will help your leadership understand, project, and accomplish your organization's long-term goals. Together, we'll:

  • Help your CEO grow as a leader.
  • Better understand your strategic progress.
  • Get a thorough CEO evaluation process you can perform annually.

Schedule a 20-minute chat to discuss how this process will help your organization.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Personalized guidance and support to help you and your organization grow.

Working with you one-on-one, I’ll help you celebrate your current successes, learn from your mistakes, and identify key opportunities for growth. Together, we’ll:

  • Explore the traits that make you a good leader.
  • Find ways to support areas where you struggle.
  • Discover where to maximize your impact to achieve your organization’s mission.

Ready to talk about how one-on-one coaching can help you? Let’s have a Chat

Are you Facing a Difficult Season of Leadership Challenges?

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Group Mentoring

Guided small group sessions with like-minded leaders to build relationships and grow together.

Group mentoring let’s you embrace the power of community. By surrounding yourself with fellow leaders, you can lean on them for advice, learn from their experiences, and understand you're not alone. Our guided sessions offer:

  • The freedom to share and ask questions in a safe environment.
  • Gain constructive analysis and honest feedback.
  • Insight into the challenges you face and how to confidently overcome them.

Contact me to join a group.

Customized Executive Training

Leadership coaching scaled to meet you and your organization’s unique challenges.

Do you have specific needs? Perhaps you’re looking for a combination of one-on-one coaching and group mentoring. My goal is to help you succeed and your mission to prosper.

Let’s talk about creating a plan to help you grow personally and your organization professionally.

Ship Anchor

What's Holding You Back?

Everyone needs constructive analysis – feedback to help you lead at a higher level. Let’s develop the tools to see beyond today to where your organization needs to go.