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Expert CEO Evaluation Tool & Training

Grow Your Mission's Reach and Impact

Get a yearly process to establishing goals, clarifying who's in charge, and measuring if your organization is making a difference.

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Together, we'll give you the tools to:

  • Prevent Your Mission from Withering
  • Deliver a Clear Understanding of Your Strategic Plan
  • Train Your CEO to Lead with Impact and Purpose
  • Remove Distractions that Stall Your Growth

50% of Nonprofits Will Go Nowhere. Don't Be That 50%.

Instead, let your leadership lead with a solid plan that you can measure — with this evaluation tool and training.

Watch My Video. It Explains in 5 Minutes Why This Evaluation Will Prevent Your Organization From Hitting an Unnecessary Ceiling.

This video introduction to my CEO Evaluation process offers a practical example of what you get and why it benefits you. Set up a meeting.

A Preview of My 9-Page Tool

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A preview of a CEO Evaluation form
Each page is focused on asking board members clear, direct questions to gather meaningful feedback.
A preview of a CEO Evaluation form
My training will deliver an appropriate scale to grade each section of the evaluation.
A preview of a CEO Evaluation form
Together, we'll spend time teaching how offer feedback with the purpose of making your leadership better.

This Performance Evaluation Process Will Help Your Leadership Understand, Project, and Accomplish Your Organization's Long-Term Goals.

With this tool and training, you can:

We can customize the evaluation to make the most impact for your organization.

Define Feedback Processes to Support Your Organization's Mission

Micromanaging is never enjoyable — for those doing it and for those receiving it.

As a board, micromanaging your CEO is unproductive. You want the time you spend to truly support the mission you believe in. It's the primary reason you're giving your resources to your organization.

Poor feedback will fail to produce necessary changes.

This professional evaluation tool gives you and your board the means to genuinely assess your CEO's overall performance. It promotes constructive feedback that helps everyone be more effective and united in purpose.

Assess and plan your goals

Clarify CEO and Board Roles to Support Mission Advancement

What role does the board really play? How should they give feedback? And, what feedback is genuinely constructive? Without guidelines, these can be difficult questions to answer.

A professionally developed CEO performance evaluation gives the board a clear roadmap. It helps board members look at what the CEO said they would do, how they did it, and provide helpful insights about how the CEO could improve.

Create a Better Board and CEO Relationship Based on Trust and Respect.

Any questions? Schedule a 20-minute Zoom call.

I love Bob. He’s given me a whole new perspective on being the director of a non-profit organization. He’s fearless and committed.

As we tried his suggestions, we saw the positive impact on our organizations, and returned more confident. Going through this process has given me new tools in my toolbelt to be good at what I do.

Marvin Charles Marvin Charles, Executive Director of Dads Services (DADS)

It is rare to have the opportunity to be mentored by a man of such vast leadership experience, deep and honest authenticity and a love for Jesus.

Bob has guided me through a season of leadership challenges with the unique ability to hone in on the heart of the matter at hand. His honest critique is delivered with love and grace.

Melissa Gehrig Melissa Gehrig, Executive Director of Vision House

Bob is a relational, truth-speaker. A master at asking strategic questions, Bob challenged me to think and lead at a higher level. His coaching was anchored in his ability to see not what I was, but what I could become.

Jacinta Tegman Jacinta Tegman, Chief Executive Officer of Crista

The opportunity to engage Bob Lonac, and the format which assembles an intimate number of peers of similar stature, is highly effective in soliciting objective and constructive analysis.

The setting is non-threatening and Bob's wealth of knowledge and extensive leadership experience challenges us all raise the level of our governance.

Ezechiel "Zeke" Bambolo, Jr. Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr., Executive Director of Antioch Adoptions
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Bob Lonac

Jump-Start Your Progress with 30+ Years of Experience

With 30+ years of leadership experience in Young Life, IJM, and Crista Ministries, I have personally experienced the benefits of this evaluation. It was created and improved with the focused goals of making CEOs better leaders and organizations more impactful.

Included with your purchase is a 4-hour virtual consultation with your CEO and Board Chair. Together, we'll cover how to train the board to run this evaluation, how the CEO works with the board, and how to use this tool to evaluate the CEO's performance year after year.

How This Evaluation Process Works

The Evaluation Tool is a nine-page document that allows board members to individually rank the CEO's performance in eight key categories and provide constructive feedback.

After the initial training, you may use this tool yearly to benchmark your process and create continuity for the future.

Each category has been specifically designed to help the board conduct a thorough reflection on current objectives and strategic goals.

Together, we'll review the categories and customize the tool to best serve your individual organization. The following is a brief overview of how the evaluation process works.

1. Board Members Fill Out the Nine-Page Evaluation Form

The first step is for chosen board members to fill out the evaluation form. This can either be done by hand or on the computer. (I strongly recommend the computer, as it makes life easier for the board chair.)

2. Board Chair Averages Numbers & Collates Answers

Once the appropriate members have completed the evaluation form, the board chair then averages the CEO's scores and collates the answers. In some instances, the board chair may also edit out unnecessary comments.

a professional completing an evaluation
My training will help you decide which board members should participate, in order to get the most proactive feedback.

3. Board & CEO Review the Evaluation Together

After the chair has collated the board's responses, the board and the CEO review the evaluation together. This allows the board members and the CEO to ask clarifying questions.

4. Board & CEO Set Goals for the Following Year

The final step of the evaluation process is setting new goals for the following year. These goals mark critical steps towards development, as they allow both the board and CEO to have clear definitions of what success looks like. Furthermore, these will be the goals on which the next evaluation will be based.

Top 2 Reasons to Utilize this Evaluation Process

1. Define and Clarify Who Is the CEO's Boss?

There's a reason organizations have a hierarchy. A leader keeps the group on track. They keep the mission moving forward towards a unified goal.

Unfortunately, it can be really difficult for a CEO to know who their boss is. Does the CEO have to jump every time a board member makes a comment? In the nonprofit sector, it can feel like a big donor is the boss – instead of confidently reporting to the board chair.

Trying to follow the lead of multiple people creates a wishy-washy approach to success. Understanding who the CEO reports to, allows them to take clear and directed guidance.

2. Encourage Constructive Criticism that Promotes Progress

Not all criticism is delivered equally. How something is said can be just as important as what's being said, even for a CEO. An organization's top leadership isn't immune to human emotion.

This professionally developed evaluation is structured to provide helpful criticism that supports the CEO by presenting both an accumulative rank and collated feedback.

Virtual training with Bob Lonac
When you purchase my evaluation tool, you receive 4 hours of training to confidently learn how to conduct the process for your organization.

How to Get Your CEO Invested in the Evaluation Process

There's a common fear among leaders, especially CEOs, that evaluations are a good way to get fired. This couldn't be further from the truth. Professionally structured evaluations support CEOs by helping them track how specific action items support an organization's mission.

This tool will help them understand and communicate their effectiveness in a tangible way.

The evaluation process also gives CEOs the freedom and opportunity to hear from the board in a constructive manner. It's not uncommon for a CEO to receive 'advice' or 'feedback' from board members based on personal emotion.

Perhaps a board member believes that the CEO isn't spending enough time in public or doesn't seem to be meeting strategic goals. This board member may have spoken to some areas that need improvement or simply not have the information necessary to make a fair assessment. This evaluation process allows for both the chairman and CEO to close the feedback loop.

Together, we will teach the board chair how to collect feedback, and what needs to be shared, to create purposeful, structured feedback.

This structured feedback allows the CEO to set benchmarks for the following year and track their performance. By doing so, the CEO can have a better conversation with the board during their next evaluation. It also can provide key insights into how significant KPIs contribute to the organization's mission.

Bob Lonac on on a virtual conference
Before buying this tool, it helps to connect and verify this process will help your organization grow.

Pricing & Support

Starting at $1,495

This evaluation tool starts at $1,495 and includes 4 hours of training to customize and instruct the process.

You and your board may use this tool every year after your purchase. Additional hours of consulting, at the cost of $150 per hour, are available for:

  • Executive leadership training
  • Refreshing how to use this evaluation
  • Fundraising support

Let's Have a 20-Minute Zoom Call

We can review if this evaluation tool will benefit your organization before you buy.

Contact me with your questions and we can schedule a short phone call to discuss your organization.

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What's Holding You Back?

Everyone needs constructive analysis — feedback to help you lead at a higher level. Let's develop the tools to see beyond today to where your organization needs to go.