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Relationships are essential for our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

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Gifts Kathleen and I received in Korea

Gifts Can Open Doors

During a trip to Korea, I learned the powerful impact of never showing up empty-handed, and how the right gift can help you form life-long friendships.

Holding hands

Love One Another

The Bible is revolutionary in many ways – especially in describing how we should treat one another. Jesus is very clear that trust, reconciliation, respect, and love for our neighbors (and enemies) is paramount for our walk with God.

group hug


In today’s social environment, I can not think of a more important topic than reconciliation. We all need to be reconciled to God and every one of our neighbors — near and far. 

pat on the back

My Mentors

I am blessed to have had many mentors in my life. I am sure that is because I needed a lot of help along the way. Here is what I've learned from some of them.

a field full of spring flowers

Forgive AND Forget

The power of forgiveness is found in giving and receiving — of others and yourself.

Bob Lonac in a blue sweater

The Difficulty of Being Misunderstood

Have you ever had a partner or kids think they know what you mean when it’s not at all what you meant?

birds at runrise

Finding Enlightenment

Want to see and grow spiritually? Learn to look at the world through God’s eyes and discover His light.

coffee at sunrise

Get Some Rest

Rest is not purely a physical thing. To truly rest, we must also rest our souls in Jesus.

Good Sportsmanship

Love Your Enemies

Love your enemies, as hard as it may be. And discover how your heart grows.

Learning to ride a bike

The Power of Encouragement

We all need encouragement to achieve the full potential God gave us. And, we all have the power to encourage others!