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Leadership Tips & Insights

Want to grow as a leader? Get 30-plus years of professional experience helping organizations grow and prosper.

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Fundraising for Nonprofits

The best information we can get is the information donors give us about themselves. Great fundraisers are great listeners.

A curated list of books

Small-Group Reading Bundle for Leaders

A helpful roundup of books and questions that can help you spark good, honest, and lively conversations with your small groups.

Bob Lonac in garden

The Importance of Humility

Leadership isn't about your title. Leadership is about character. And, humility is the overarching quality that makes for great leaders.

sunrise in a sunflower field

Let's Talk About Humility

God gives us some great wisdom about how to have a modest opinion of our own importance.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Shows Us Leadership at its Finest

From dressing the part and exuding confidence to being consistent and knowing when to ask for help, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, is an incredible leader.

Two women working together

Why Relationships are the Backbone of a CEO’s Success

People follow those able to get them going in a direction they believe is best. They follow people they believe in. They support the person who inspires them.

greeting guests

Hospitality Serves the Giver & Receiver

Hospitality helps us strengthen relationships and form new bonds, even with those of differing beliefs.

Podcast Guest Appearances from Bob Lonac

Podcast Guest Appearances

Discover some of my favorite podcasts where I’ve recently been honored as a guest speaker.

man thinking

Words Have Power

I'm trying hard to think before I speak, but I'm struggling. Please share your tips.

happy inspired kid

4 Steps to Be an Encourager

Learn how to help others grow through thoughtful encouragement.

pat on the back

My Mentors

I am blessed to have had many mentors in my life. I am sure that is because I needed a lot of help along the way. Here is what I've learned from some of them.

Bob and Kathleen Lonac

Happy Thanksgiving!

A collection of helpful posts about the importance of being a leader and how to develop your leadership skills.