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A True Leader

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Shows Us Leadership at its Finest

From dressing the part and exuding confidence to being consistent and knowing when to ask for help, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, is an incredible leader.

The invasion of Ukraine is at the top of my mind. I did not know anything about Volodymyr Zelenskyy until Russia started its march across his country. I have friends who have been traveling there for many years to both share their faith and build the country. 

I have watched him come on the world stage with courage, character, and eloquence of speech. Here are a few of the ways I see we can learn from a man in a critical leadership position in a time of crisis.

10 Things About Leadership We Can Learn from Volodymyr Zelenskyy

1. We Follow Those We Believe In

“I don’t have courage; you give me courage.” A quote from one of his early speeches to the Ukrainian people has stuck in my mind. People have rallied to his cries to fight and defend their country. Great leaders make the people they serve rally to their vision and cause because they sense this cause, and this person is worthy of following. 

This becomes so much more powerful when they are rallying to a cause that may cost them their lives. Zelenskyy is clearly not doing this for his own self-interest. He is the prime target of the Russian military.

2. Great Leaders Lead by Example

He leads from the front. He leads by example. He pays the high cost alongside those who follow him. He does not stay behind his desk and issue orders. He shows the way.

3. Great Leaders Are Confident

He exudes confidence in the faith of adversity. At first, people believed Ukraine would fall in a few days. Now he is speaking to the people daily, sharing both the good news and the difficulties that are catastrophic. He is constantly sharing consistent information.

4. Great Leaders Know to Ask for Help

He also is dealing with what the highest level of leadership is called to do. He is not afraid to communicate with his leadership peers around the world and call for their assistance. The cause is a worthy one.

5. Dressing the Part Helps Establish Trust

He dresses the part. No way showing up in front of his people or on the world scene would look good in a suit. I like his T-shirts!

6. Great Leaders Know & Use Their Strengths

Did you know he was a former actor and comedian before being elected Ukraine's sixth president? This prepared him well for public speaking. Know your gifts and use them!

7. Height is Only a Number

He is only 5'7" inches tall. Height doesn't matter.

8. Great Leaders Use Great Taglines

His political party's name is "Servant of the People." Brilliant. Your tagline matters.

9. Great Leaders are True to Their Word

He sticks to his promises. He ran to "bring professional decent people to power; to change the mood and timbre of the political establishment." He claimed that he was anti-establishment and anti-corruption. He is! No wonder the Russian elite did not like him.

10. Great Leaders Are Committed to the End

He understands none of this guarantees success, but regardless of the outcome, he seems in it to the end.

Be a leader of integrity and courage. Get great people around you and help make them become successful. Listen to great advice and then do what you think is best for the people and the cause. Lead on!

Book Recommendation: Wanderings: History of the Jews

Chaim Potok is a writer I have been captivated by. I just finished his book, Wanderings: History of the Jews. It’s fascinating. The Fawcett Crest publisher says it’s, “told with a poet’s grace and a storyteller's flow.” Written in 1978, the history stops around then. I wish someone could write the next chapter. 

According to the European Jewish Congress, as of 2014, there are 360,000–400,000 Jews in Ukraine. This book is a great background for understanding Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Find it on Amazon

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