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Theological Insights

The Lord speaks to us in surprising, delightful and sometimes difficult ways. Let's explore how to listen and follow His word.

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woman wrapped in a sunrise

Go Towards the Pain

The complex struggle of pain, why we have it and why it shouldn't be avoided.

Leaning over after a hard workout.

God Governs. God is Good.

Life isn’t always pretty. It can be excruciatingly hard. But God is redeeming, loving, and watching over us all.


A Recipe for Handling Hard Times

We all have challenges and challenging times in our lives. God is there to support us, no matter what. But feeling that support is easier if we're prepared to receive it.

lifting a heavy barbell.

Jesus Said to Carry Your Cross. Every Day.

This topic is challenging, but Jesus said to do it (Don't worry, I'm still figuring it out, too).

reading the bible in the field

The B Rations

The four foundational verses for your life with Christ.

birds at runrise

Finding Enlightenment

Want to see and grow spiritually? Learn to look at the world through God’s eyes and discover His light.

Why Christians Aren’t Wimps

Christians are not supposed to be wimps. We’re supposed to have confidence in God to exert power. But here’s the thing, we need to exert His power.

How God Gives Us Power

Power comes from God to those of us who are followers of Christ and are on a journey to submit to him and bring out the truth of the Lord’s prayer, where it says, “Your will be done.”

a photo of the book, Spiritual Leadership

A Helpful Read by J. Oswald Sanders

There are many books that can help you understand and grow into your authentic leadership self. My favorite all-time book on leadership is Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders. 

Hiking in the mountains

Dive Deeper Into Wisdom

I have loved reflecting on Solomon’s writings in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. I think you will, too.

Bob Lonac in an Office

Slow Down and Behold!

‘Behold’ is used 1,298 times in the King James version of the Bible. It is derived from the Greek word ‘eido,’ which has the literal translation of: be sure to see. Or as I like to think of it — don’t miss this.

Pastor Barry

An Interview with Pastor Barry

Pastor Barry Crane from North Sound Church in Edmonds joined me virtually to discuss what it’s like leading a church during a pandemic.