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The Three-Day Rule

Whenever you are faced with a decision or something problematic in your relationships, do not respond for three days.

Have you ever taken time to respond to something difficult? If you haven't — try the 3-day rule. You'll be shocked at how much better you handle things.

Inspired by Fred Stabbert

When I became the CEO and President of CRISTA, God gave me a great gift. At the same time I started this job, Fred Stabbert was appointed as the Chairman of the Board. I quickly discovered that Fred was committed to my success and was a man of great wisdom. We met or talked on the phone almost every week for the three years he remained Chairman.

He also discovered that I had the tendency to be impulsive and make quick decisions. Often this worked out ok, but it also could really backfire on me and cause some harm to the organization. 

One day, after I had been in a difficult conversation in a board meeting, Fred followed up on the instance in our phone call. “Bob, do you know the ‘Three Day Rule’?” I did not. But I learned it and immediately knew it was for me. 

I put it into practice right away. I made a sign and taped it to the inside of my desk drawer so I could see it every time I opened the drawer.

The ‘Three-Day Rule’ works for improving relationships with your significant other, children, friends, and at work. It helps you make better decisions in your personal and professional life. 

In short, the ‘Three-Day Rule’ helps all aspects of your life!

So here is the  ‘Three Day Rule.’ It is simple:

Day One 

Something happens. You are confronted with a decision that needs to be made. You have a challenging conversation with someone. You hear something about someone or something and you are eager to react. You are presented with a problem to solve. You like solving problems. 

But, you say to yourself, “I am invoking the ‘Three Day Rule’!” And, you decide to wait to react.

Day Two

You wait. (This can be hard.) During this time, you think, pray, write, ask for advice from those you trust. 

Day Three

Things will look different to you. You may not take any actions, but your emotions will have settled down. You might have learned there are two sides to every story. Or, God may have spoken to you.

I can not remember being sorry when I invoked the ‘Three Day Rule.’ And there are times I didn’t when I most definitely wish I had.

It is simple, straightforward, and powerful. You won’t know until you try it.

Bob Lonac

About Bob Lonac

Today, friends call me a leader of leaders. But this wasn’t always the case.

During my life of working in faith-based, Christ-centered ministry, relationships have proved to be the common thread. My passion is helping other people grow through one-on-one mentoring and small group training. I love building teams. I love seeing people and organizations succeed. You can read more about my story and what I'm doing now.

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