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God Will Lead You

Follow Your Nose

Like a dog follows the scent, follow God’s lead daily and you will flourish, just as Eugene Peterson flourished.

During my two months laying low to study, pray, read, play, and detox from what I call covid mania, I did not have any exceptional emotional or spiritual experiences with God. That doesn’t mean He didn’t speak to me. He usually uses His still, small voice when sitting quietly alone.

By now, you may know that I am an avid reader. My good friend sent me a book that grabbed me and drew me deeper, chapter by chapter. If you haven’t read A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson, Translator of The Message by Winn Collier, I recommend you do so. If you just happen to be a pastor, I highly recommend it because it will significantly encourage your vital work. 

Eugene Peterson Didn’t Set Out to Become Famous. He Listened to God.

When we look at the life of Eugene Peterson, in retrospect, we see a fantastic set of accomplishments, the volume of which is almost inconceivable to me. He was a butcher, a woodworker, and an accomplished bird watcher. 

None of these were part of his professional life. He was a student first, always. He became one of the most recognized Hebrew and Greek scholars globally. He was an assistant pastor alongside his studies. Eugene was a senior pastor of one church and then a professor. He wrote many books along the way and is best known for translating the entire Bible into our everyday language. 

He translated “The Message” directly from Hebrew and Greek into what he hoped would touch more people. He completed the New Testament, which did not sell well. He then translated the entire Old Testament in one year. It took off from there. He has sold 22 million copies of his books and “The Message.”

He was shy and hated the notoriety that all this brought him. He feared becoming prideful. He said his lifelong goal was to become a saint.

Do What God Presents to You Daily

So the lesson for us is to follow our nose like a dog follows the scent. Eugene described his life’s journey precisely like that. He did not have a career plan. He had no long-term goals or visions. 

He only did what was presented to him in real-time each day. He wanted to know God more deeply. That was the scent he followed. He gave himself entirely to the task at hand. And God led Him as He promises to do for you and me. 

Inch by inch life is a sinch, yard by yard, and it’s hard.

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