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How to Respond with Grace

The Difficulty of Being Misunderstood

Have you ever had a partner or kids think they know what you mean when it’s not at all what you meant?

Have you had someone accuse you of saying something, when that’s not at all how you intended them to interpret it? Being misunderstood is extremely difficult. And it can make you mad. In times such as these, I love to repeat the saying, “Lord forgive me. Bless them.”

That’s how I try and react when I’m misunderstood. What about you?

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Bob Lonac

About Bob Lonac

Today, friends call me a leader of leaders. But this wasn’t always the case.

During my life of working in faith-based, Christ-centered ministry, relationships have proved to be the common thread. My passion is helping other people grow through one-on-one mentoring and small group training. I love building teams. I love seeing people and organizations succeed. You can read more about my story and what I'm doing now.

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