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The Importance of Journaling

Keep A Record of Your Journey

Ever since I met the Lord in high school people have told me to keep track of how God is working in my life by journaling my thoughts and reflections.

I’ve been given a lot of journals, as gifts and at conferences. And I dutifully would write in about half of each one before it landed in a cardboard box. This never really worked for me. But something else did. 

I picked up the habit of writing on small 3 x 5 cards. Just small thoughts, such as Bible verses or quotations. I used them a lot, tossing them in the same cardboard box as my half-used journals. I am not a hoarder, but I never threw out any of what became five boxes filled with partially used journals, tons of sheets of papers with notes, and a boatload of 3 x 5 cards. 

Journaling can take many forms, from notecards and apps or leather-bound books and photos. Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash.

I thought I was a failure at journaling, but I kept the boxes full of them and all the note cards. When I stepped down from my full-time work a year ago guess what I found. A 53-year-long record of my own Christian journey. I have resources! So, keep boxes of stuff that are meaningful about your journey with Jesus and what you have learned to encourage yourself and to share with those important people in your life.

Bob Lonac

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