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Insights About My Book

About Live Large! Chapter 2

Discover my book, Live Large!, with a series of videos that discusses the inspiration and insights of each chapter.

Chapter two of Live Large! is all about how to listen to God and distinguish His voice from our thoughts, fears, and anxieties. The chapter is part testimony, part expository, and thoroughly approachable — with helpful exercises (like every chapter in the book).

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About Live Large! Chapter 1

Learn more about Chapter 1 of my book. It's all about the joy of being still and how it can help you discover God in a new way.

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About Live Large! Chapter 3

Learn more about Chapter 3 of my book. It's about praying without ceasing. This incredibly powerful practice can be interpreted in two ways. The first is to consistently pray for the same thing. And the second is to pray without ceasing all day, every day.

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Bob Lonac

About Bob Lonac

Today, friends call me a leader of leaders. But this wasn’t always the case.

During my life of working in faith-based, Christ-centered ministry, relationships have proved to be the common thread. My passion is helping other people grow through one-on-one mentoring and small group training. I love building teams. I love seeing people and organizations succeed. You can read more about my story and what I'm doing now.

I am still learning a lot and it would be fantastic to share this journey with you! If you haven’t yet, sign up for my email newsletter so we can stay connected.